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Société de Gestion du Terminal à conteneurs de Doraleh (SGTD) is the operator of the most modern and technologically advanced terminal in the East Coast of Africa. Leading enabler of trade, the terminal connects local markets to the global supply chain, making it the best performing terminal in the region.

Located in Djibouti, at the entrance to the Red Sea and in the second busiest shipping lane in the world, SGTD is the port of choice for East African markets as well as a regional hub for transshipment while acting as an important gateway for landlocked Ethiopia.

Our Assets

We commit to offer to all our customers access to advanced infrastructure technologies


Superpost Panamax Twin lift


Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG)


Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG)


Reach Stackers (RS)


Internal Transfer Vehicles (ITV)


Empty Container Handlers (ECH)

Vessel movements

Vessel nameVoyage numberArrival pilot stationShipping line
MARSA VICTORY240612.04.2024 - 04:00PMRSA
KOTA HANDAL0011N13.04.2024 - 02:00AMPIL
KOTA RAHMAT0141E16.04.2024 - 03:00PMPIL
TJ ZARAR2400417.04.2024 - 02:44AMMSC


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Vessel movements






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Intermodal Africa 2022

We had the honor to participate in the 26th Intermodal Africa 2022, one of the largest annual exhibition and conference on ports, logistics and transport that was held this year in Mombasa Kenya and hosted by Kenya Ports Authority from April 26th to April 28th 2022.

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COVID-19 safety measures

The coronavirus (COVID-19) was identified in 2019 in Wuhan, China. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can cause a variety of illnesses in humans, from the common cold to Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). As a result, the entire world was crippled by its unprecedented spread and no vaccine was in sight until recently.

Like other countries around the world, Djibouti has been actively campaigning to limit the impact of the pandemic on the population. SGTD Doraleh Terminal has also put in place rigorous measures to contain the pandemic within the Terminal:

SGTD has also put in place rigorous measures to contain the pandemic within the terminal:

  • Distribution and wearing of mandatory masks for all employees and visitors,
  • Awareness campaigns conducted by the QHSE team targeting all employees and external drivers to prevent the spread of COVID-19,
  • In partnership with members of the Ministry of Health, two specially fitted and fully equipped containers within the Terminal dedicated to screening all external visitors,
  • Cleaning kits provided inside each cabin for the operators,
  • Hand washing stations in several areas of the Terminal,
  • Closure of gathering places (canteen, mosque…)
  • Distribution of individual gel and gloves,
  • Increase in the number of buses made available to employees,
  • New badging system to avoid contact,
  • Screening session for employees.

SGTD Doraleh Terminal benefited from Djibouti’s government support to carry out a large-scale vaccination campaign among its staff. Nearly 900 employees who were eligible to receive the vaccine got vaccinated which represents nearly 75% of employees.