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Société de Gestion du Terminal à conteneurs de Doraleh (SGTD) is the operator of the most modern and technologically advanced terminal in the East Coast of Africa. Leading enabler of trade, the terminal connects local markets to the global supply chain, making it the best performing terminal in the region.

Located in Djibouti, at the entrance to the Red Sea and in the second busiest shipping lane in the world, SGTD is the port of choice for East African markets as well as a regional hub for transshipment while acting as an important gateway for landlocked Ethiopia.

Our Assets

We commit to offer to all our customers access to advanced infrastructure technologies


Superpost Panamax Twin lift


Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG)


Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG)


Reach Stackers (RS)


Internal Transfer Vehicles (ITV)


Empty Container Handlers (ECH)

Vessel movements

Vessel nameVoyage numberArrival pilot stationBerth timeDepartureShipping line
PRESTIGE0020E20.10.2021- 11:00PM21.10.2021- 01:00AM21.10.2021- 11:00PMJJS
KOTA PELANGI0025W21.10.2021- 04:30AM21.10.2021- 05:30AM22.10.2021-01:30AM PIL
TEMA SEK 0MEA2E121.10.2021- 07:00PM21.10.2021- 09:00PM23.10.2021- 07:00AMCMA
CERUS 210921.10.2021- 08:00PM21.10.2021- 09:00PM22.10.2021- 04:00PMHLL
ERVING22.10.021- 06:00PM22.10.021- 09:00PM23.10.021- 06:00PMCOS


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Vessel movements






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Intermodal Africa 2021

SGTD Doraleh terminal management team had the pleasure of welcoming the Intermodal delegation to the terminal for a tour of our facilities. After the presentation, a fruitful exchange between the members of the delegation and the management teams took place. CEO Mr. Abdillahi Adaweh Sigad attended the CEO Forum and led the presentation on expansion and opportunities in the Horn of Africa. We welcomed to our stand several personalities and members of the government including the Prime Minister, the Minister of Transport, the President of the DPFZA and the CEO of Ethiopian Shipping Line.

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